Veggie Food by Mail-Order

In many places it's not as easy to come by meat substitutes in your local grocery store, as it is here in California. Here are some links to companies that specialize in mail-order. This list is constantly growing, and is by no means exhaustive, so please stop by often!

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United States

[] Mail order vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes from a variety of different companies, including deli sticks, soyrizo, tofu "hamburger helper", soy dogs, veggie breakfast links, and more.

[] Mail order lots of different meat substitute products from lots of different companies, as well as personal care products and household supplies.

[] Mail order a wide variety of products, including vegetarian and vegan stews, fried chicken, scallops, and TuNo tuna substitute.

[] This company makes their own unique vegan products. Choose from more traditional beef and chicken substitutes to the more exotic, including shrimp and seafood.

[]Order a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan products, including meatless stews, chili, chops, seafood, meatloaf, bread spreads, dairy alternatives, etc. Buy online via cash or check.

[Vegetarian Resource Group] A long, long list of companies that mail order vegetarian and vegan products ranging from produce to egg subsitute, from baby food to tv-dinners, from energy bars to lip balm.

[] Another master list of companies selling veggie food over the Internet.

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